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About Us

Tekatex is a private company founded in 2008. We are specializing in constructions and renovations of textile machines. The company traces its roots to a family company which was founded in the 70's, and still is specializing for example in production of nonwoven products, felt, silicone balls, polyurethane foam. The experience gained in this way related to the technological processes of fiber production and processing has resulted in the establishment of Tekatex Company.

Nowadays Tekatex is known as a producer and company which has renovation services of nonwoven lines. Wide range of machines allows us to build production lines according to individual customer needs.

In our offer you can find many types of machines, from mixing - blending lines, through carding sets of different technologies, crosslappers, recycling machines, like foam cutting machines, rag tearing machines and other.

You can count on us with our advice and help with selecting the best options for you.

We can offer you machines like:

  • Carding Machines
  • Polyurethane Foam Cutting Machines
  • Machines for sillicon balls production
  • Defibering Machines
  • Cotton Recycling Rag Tearing Machines
  • Packaging Machines for Nonwoven Products
  • Horizontal Crosslappers
  • Carding willows
  • Mixing - Blending Lines
  • Edge Trim Openers
  • Needle Punch Machines
  • Ovens and Calenders
  • Volumetric Hopper Feeders
  • Complete Nonwoven Lines


Beside of that we also have spare parts for machines like: carding machines, carding willows, shredder machines, defibering machines, like: spike aprons, trasporting fans, trasporting pipes, carding wires, etc.

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