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Renewing and modernization of Textile Machinery

We are performing services in range:

  • Projecting and construction machines and textil devices.
  • Projecting and building special machines for production processes.
  • Modernization of control panels.
  • Synchronization individual elements of production lines.
  • Assembling and disassembling machines.
  • Modernization parts for textile machines.
  • Service and modernization textil machines.
  • Sell of spare parts

Tekatex Company is specializing in services like:

  • Designing and construction of machines, and textile devices like: Horizontal Crosslappers, Carding machines, Hopper Feeders, Opening lines, recycling machines, shredder machines, packaging machines, etc. Computer design translates into higher quality of our machines, what allows to use them without any problems for many years. With our projects we are using for example: Laser Plotters, Plasma Plotters, Numerical Lathes, and Hydraulic Press Brake.

                                                   3D Project of Volumetric Hopper Feeder


  • Control System Modernization - In many cases instalations in textile machines, are not compatible with EU standards related with Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) norms. We are exchanging complete instalations of every machine and device. We are working often with innovating motors, equipped with motoreductors, controlled with potentiometers, or touch control pannel. It gives better regulation of individual drive, and more accurately calibration of machines, what makes a difference in quality of final product, for example felt or nonwoven product.




  •  Synchronization of individual parts of complete production lines - We offer our technical advice in range of configuration machines of different manufacturers.


  • Renovations and repairing of textile machines - We are specializing in professional repairs and renovations of individual devices or complete production lines. We've got neccesary knowledge and experience in range of textile machinery repairs




  • Producing parts for textile machines  - In our company we've got professional devices to metalworking, so we are able to produce every needed parts and componets.




  • Service and modernization of machines - We offer you modernization services, development and renovation of individual parts, and full lines aswell.




  • Card clothing coiling -  We hire skilled workers with many years of experience in working with carding lines.



  • We offer you our card clothing collection of well known manufacturers like: Graf, Trutzschler, Beckert, Garnett. In our warehouses we have over 2000 kg of many types of carding wires.


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