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Asselin T380 Crosslapper


Asselin T380 Crosslapper

Input width: 2700 mm

Output width: 3500 mm

Year of production: 1989

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Fleece stacker Asselin T380

Asselin T380 is a device used in the textile industry, whose task is to treat the fleece before the yarn creation stage. Operating at an in-feed width of 2700 mm and an out-feed width of 3500 mm, introduced in 1989, this pile stacker combines multiple piles while increasing fiber uniformity and reducing contamination. This process is based on stretching and joining the runes, which are then wound on special rollers. As a result, we get fleece with improved parameters, ready for further spinning process.

Valuable features of this fleece stacker:

  • Improving pile characteristics: By using the Asselin T380, piles become more uniform, leading to better quality yarns and textile products.
  • Impurity elimination: The fleece stacker effectively removes fine impurities, resulting in a cleaner final product.
  • Greater efficiency: Gluing several fleeces into one allows you to shorten the spinning time and increase production efficiency.
  • Works with a variety of fibers: The device can handle different types of fibers, such as cotton, wool and synthetic fibers, which makes it flexible.

    Advantages of having this device:

  • Increased productivity: By reducing spinning time, the machine contributes to increased productivity in the production process.
  • Better product quality: Obtaining a more uniform fleece with less impurities translates into higher quality yarns and textile products.
  • Optimization of material consumption: Better use of raw materials leads to reduced waste and material savings.
  • Multifunctionality: The device can be used for different types of fibers, which allows it to be adapted to changing production needs.

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