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Carding machines

The carding machine is one of the textile machines, extremely streamlining the work in any production facility. Among the basic tasks of carding machines are:

  • full and final opening of the fibres of the raw material or mixture,
  • arranging (as far as their length allows) the fibres parallel to each other,
  • removing impurities,
  • mixing the raw material,
  • reducing the mixture into a web of fibres and dividing it into specific quantities suitable for feeding to the next equipment in the production process.


Textile machinery - carding machine

The many years of practice and experience gained by our company in the manufacture of textile equipment, combined with the latest design and construction techniques, have enabled us to design and build high performance textile machines, carding machines. Flexible configurations help when processing any type of natural or synthetic fibre (both raw and regenerated) with maximum efficiency in terms of end product quality.

Our carding technology allows for a perfectly mixed and even fibre web, which are essential characteristics for achieving high quality and productivity - even with machines that work together with a carding machine.

We offer high-quality machines to improve the work of the textile sectors, such as:

  • roller carder,
  • laboratory carding machine
  • carding machine with garner device,
  • machine sets - carding machine + carding machine,
  • laboratory kits,
  • lid carding machine.

We modernise machines from the best manufacturers, the range includes cards like Befama, Spinnbau, Trutzschler, Bonino, Tatham, Thibeau, F.O.R. and many more.

Transport and relocation of carding machines

We provide transport of carding machines and relocation of all textile machines throughout Europe. We introduce modern control systems and replace components. The work of the textile sector is more efficient and also more economical due to lower energy requirements.
If you have not found the right equipment - contact us! We will design and build a carding machine tailored to the needs of your plant!

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