Polyurethane - foam cutting machine PFC-500

Polyurethane - foam cutting machine PFC-500

The machine consists of three cutting units for cutting polyurethane foam. The raw material is fed on the conveyor belt that directs the raw material to the loading tunnel.

In the loading tunnel, the foam is fed to the 1st cutting section. At the first cutting section, the raw material is cut into flaps and then directed to the chute by the directional conveyor. The cut foam is pulled through the 2nd cutting section where the flap is cut in the second plane. Cut foam from the II cutting section is directed by the lower and upper conveyor to the III cutting section, where the cutting process in the third plane takes place.



Type of material: Foam PU


Working width 450/500 mm


Efficiency up to 300 kg/h


Power 13 kW

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